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P-Shaped Conservatories

Named simply because of their shape when looked at from above, P-Shaped conservatories can incorporate any style, but also offer greater versatility due to the shape. Depending on how the owner wishes their conservatory to be, a P-Shaped conservatory could add 2 additional rooms, to a house. Whether these rooms are used for dining, playing, relaxing or other is completely up to you.

Here at Conservatory Prices we are experts in sourcing the very best P-Shaped conservatories in the United Kingdom. This conservatory design has found great success in British homes over the years due to its versatility and strong aesthetics.

P-Shape, link and combination are all common names for this type of conservatory style and it is sometimes referred to as L-Shape when using a square front. This conservatory is the same basic design across the board but a range of alterations can be made to suit any customers’ specific needs – the Conservatory Prices team will ensure that you get the perfect P-Shaped conservatory. Most commonly, the Conservatory Prices P-Shaped conservatory has a Victorian style combined with a traditional lean to which gives it a distinctive shape. The P-Shaped design with Conservatory Prices is truly a classic choice.Not only do we provide excellent telephone customer service here at Conservatory Prices, but we also aim to give you as much information as possible via our great website. Below is a comprehensive profile of P-Shaped conservatories and why they may be perfect for you.

As with most common conservatory designs the P-Shape projects at right angles away from the property giving two straight sides which meet at their respective corner points. This is the case with each side of the intern. The remaining sides will carry on in each of its respective directions to then begin to take their shape giving the distinctive shape and feel that makes the P-Shaped conservatory so very popular.

The roof of a Conservatory Prices P-Shaped conservatory is normally a pitch style on the Victorian side. This means that it slopes upwards from its sides meeting at a central point at the top of the conservatory. The roof around the front is also pitched or ‘Hipped front’ is it also referred to by professionals.

To the traditional lean to part of the layout, the roof is normally a forward sloping roof. This means that the intern slopes upwards from the front of the P-Shaped conservatory meeting at the main building wall.

As the roof on the traditional lean to side meets at its apex against the property wall the ridge is more often referred to as the wall-plate.

This should be all the information that you require when deciding whether your home needs a P-Shaped conservatory with Conservatory Prices, but if you are still stumped do not hesitate to pick up the phone to speak to one of our highly trained experts.

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